Flavored malt beverages (FMBs):

Bud Light Chelada, Clamato, brewers distributing

The refreshing taste of Bud Light with the richness of a Clamato tomato cocktail 

Joose, Brewers Distributing

JOOSE is not an energy drink, it is a flavored malt beverage made from all natural ingredients for adult enjoyment

Kinky beverages, Brewers Distributing

The Kinky flavors you love ready to go whenever you are

Natty Rush, FMB, Brewers Distributing

Natty Rush is the drink you never knew you needed in your life

The Ritas, Brewers Distributing

The Ritas family now includes the original margarita in a can as well as Ritas Fizz and Ritas Spritz

Swirl Beverages, Brewers Distributing

A low calorie, low carb infusion of unique flavors with a proprietary sweetner blend give Swirl drinks  amazing flavor with zero sugar